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Thanks To These People.  This list will get longer.  I just started it.  It should be lot longer.

Thanks to Ben Woodward, UK

Thanks to Ben Woodward, a sensational musician, pianist and singer, songwriter, I found online.  I needed some songwriting demos, and in about 4 days.  He's a music teacher so I knew his skill would be polished.  Didn't have to worry about wrong notes, out of tune, etc., but didn't really know what to expect or if I would have to do more work when I got the files. 

I uploaded on the internet, rough chicken scrawl of a recording with voice and no instruments, along with lyric sheet and back the next day comes back this flawless professional quality demo of my song.  Like a gumball machine! 

Not only that, I listened to my demo at least 100 times that night.  Ben has a beautiful voice.  He's very easy to listen to.   He is the one singing my song In Spite Of What I've Done on

Ben is so talented and practiced and so easy and a joy to work with.  I would collaborate with Ben any day.  Or sign him if I signed people.