Author, Novelist, Vegan Female Bodybuilder 21 yrs+, Singer, Songwriter

Sample demo songs:   (They're older songs.  Am way behind on my demos.    There are such severe tie ups with recording equipment as well as everything else that have to go to court about it.   Need justice.  Need nothing short of a miracle.   If people would believe I'm female and didn't do it, it would help, me.  or an adult.

If anyone wants lyrics only.   I will have a look over the lyrics of anybody's free of charge before it goes out to recording.    I can do it in about 10 minutes.   If you want like a proof read. 

Please tell me where you can be reached and best time.


  I  won't be short of material!


Current, ongoing goal: 


I would like to gain a reputation in the music industry, and long term as a great songwriter, and easy to work with.  I don't have a  bad reputation.  I don't have a good reputation.   I have no reputation.  Like when someone has no credit rating.

I am very interested to find well known, established artists to record and perform my material.  Would really like to collaborate online.  It's so easy and so fast and productive and practical.

I do want to record my own music, and am balancing that with other things I do and work it all in in my life.  (novels) And I can do it.  I'm very spiritual so trust it all works in and obey what feels right.  I am extremely long sited too, and by the way, I attempt to craft a lot of longevity into my work.  There are many people I would really like to work with and also want many songs on the radio long term.  I am very clear on what I want to sing myself, what I am willing to part with, what I would joy in writing for another person who is a well known artist.  That is the ultimate complement, but for me it is also very practical and achievable.  I can write profuse amount of solid material.

The first time I got someone to record a demo (we used the internet and passed files back and forth.)  I gave him this chicken scratch demo where I had the first cold in 25 years and you could hardly hear my voice, only make out the melody -- along with a lyric sheet.  No instrument.  Monotone microphone.  I uploaded the audio file to a musician and singer I now know.  Two days later, back comes this flawless demo, like it was a gumball machine.  He is good and I'm keeping him.  He's the best.

I only play a little guitar, not enough to record.  Maybe play at a coffee house.   Am not aspiring to be a great musician, any more than a professional golfer.  Would like to improve some but only to give me more freedom.

Musicians are underpaid and under-thanked.  I rely heavily on musicians for singing and appreciate them greatly.   They allow you to do everything.  They're mostly men.  It feels glorious, like someone holding your car door open for 3 hours straight.

Prior to the gum ball resemblance, that I would have really hesitated to let another artist sing my song, no matter who they are.  My baby.  But after that uploading files, I have a new trust and it was a very good experience someone interpreting your song and positively.  And seeing what they do musically with my creations.

My idea.  I want to - God willing - would love to get a number of well known artists taking on a song(s) of mine.  It's very low risk for me.  If someone is established, it will get on the air.  And be very flattering and be very fun.  It's extremely lucrative if it catches on, as I can write well a song a day is not unheard of not all periods of time.  I wouldn't do that but could write a good song in a day or two, or in a couple hours.  And dream of a lifetime, if several artist sang my songs.  I really get into it.  I really really really would put everything into it.  Its hard when i listen to music not to start writing something.  But I could and would research a bit, if someone wants something special for them.  I can listen online anytime to all your music closely and write something made for you.  It's kind of automatic.    I know most people's music from karaoke too, and can see how people really feel about various music.  And have read a lot of music lyrics up close.


People, please note, most of songs on my site are older songs.  I am behind in my recordings.  I was cleaning house of older material.  I write all the time.  I am behind on my demos too.  I write a lot lighter stuff these days.  Way way lighter.


Though if someone wants something to any tragedy that happened this year, in the world, let me know.


If anyone has songs you are already intending to record, and want me to look at your lyrics before you record, I'm available.  I'll do this for free.  (Please email and confirm, first.) I will do my best, but it is pretty second nature.  If you like them, and want to use them, you can decide if you want to keep the alterations and share royalties.  No obligation.  I'll do this service until I don't have time to do it.   And quite interested in getting to know some of you. 


Fill in gaps of boredom, or the like.  If you can't get through the whole song.


If you have and name another artist who you want to copy the success of, such as reach same demographics, number of sales, audience reaction, etc, I can probably compare your music and give you some direction or opinion and assistance.  Or if you want some nudge to experiment and have a new experience as an artist.  I'll do my best. 


Or, if someone has a good tune and is a good musician and gives me a tape of singing empty words: "la, la, la" and wants lyrics to what you made for music, please let me know.  Any time. 


I can write for others many times a year, so do not be shy.  It does not take me much time, either.  Less time than the laundry and instead of the laundry.  Probably the epitome of laziness.  My goal, I just have to write it once and you are the ones who have to do all the work performing it day in and day out forever.  All I have to do is collect royalties and listen to my song on the radio.


Best case scenario, I could have 100 news songs a year out in the world,  topping charts.  That is what I would like.   (The writing is effortless.  The time consuming part is finding people or recording or, or practicing or performing.)  I have discovered such lucky writing techniques  and they just make writing magic and I really enjoy it like there is no tomorrow.)  I'm really fun and easy going to work with and try to be professional.  Am very productive in most things.  This is no different.) 


My knowledge about publishing is more about books, and when I started thinking about pitching songs, I could not help but see the use for book publishing methods to be used in the music industry.  A lot to say here, but how expansive that would be.  I am hoping people will play.  I do try to follow conventions but I feel like breaking some rules.


The other thing is is established musicians have unquestionable experience where I can just do what I do and put it in their competent hands to make a polished song.  I already know that they know how to make a song work, so I can trust him or her and their people implicitly.  That is a breath of fresh air and, and it is very satisfying and exciting to see what would become of it.  What it will sound like.


Openness and Success,

jJoanne Shaw


Call anytime.




Biggest Songwriting Influences:  Harry Chapin, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Melissa Etheridge, Tracy Chapman,  Otis Redding.


Other Influences:

Several artists and about a thousand and a hundred buskers and also coffee house performers, the first being a man named Chuck Rose (and performance admiration for that).  Roommates and a thousand buskers.


Family influences: I had the best father in the world.  I like my mom too, but my dad was the absolute kindness, most patient, man, witty, wisest person I ever met and I could do anything I wanted.  He was truly encouraging.  My parents were a lot older than me.  Oh, I'm grateful for that as they were stable and mature.  My dad was very musical.  My mom was not.   There was always music coming from somewhere in the house. My father played a lot of brass and clarinet and had a drawer of jackknives and a drawer full of harmonicas.  He was in a dixieland band before I was born and played at high school bands. 


Formal Training:  None.  I am one of many who do not sit well with most teaching methods taught in schools.   I started in New Age, new age singing workshops, and read books and took short classes or workshops.  As a result, I've discovered and developed the best techniques.  They should be taught in schools.  I also spent about 15 years singing in karaoke clubs which was really good. 


Awards:  In 2008, at my then age 39, I won some prestigious poetry awards for her song lyrics, I was invited to read to Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize-winning authors.


Genre:  Almost any genre.  Most early experience in modern folk, but I will try any genre as long as I feel a success at it.  i need to not just play one.  I have written country, blues, jazz, even a Celtic, folk.  Anything.  I write a lot of story lines, but that's not all I write.  I used to write more.  I try to put a lot of air between my words so the audience and others can process them.






A Very Funny Story


I wrote my first rhymed poem at age 6, bored in the car on a road trip with my parents. I also wrote a jingle around 5 or 6, which I wasn't half bad. It wasn't until about age 23 that I began songwriting.


Once again on a long car trip, this time by myself, I got into the mountains, while moving with my packed car out to the West Coast. My radio died in the mountains, and so started singing out of boredom. At that point, I didn't sing or and only wished I could sing.


I liked the song I coming up with story-lines and thought "I wish I had a little tape recorder, to record it into"  I had just sold one at a garage sale a week before. But I didn't have one, so I just kept singing. Ten minutes later, I pull into a gas station, and a man runs over to me and shouts, "Hi! We're out of gas. Do you want to buy a tape recorder?"  


In awe of this Lordly encouragement, I gave the man $20 and a tennis racket, and a few weeks later I had completed my first folk song, "Grass Is Greener Than Money," from the starting I sounded into the miniature tape recorder.   I have written many others ever since.

April 22/19: Currently Writing and Pitching New Songs

Working on some songs that I intend to pitch by the end of the month through  Finished one the other night.  It's going extremely well.  I couldn't be more excited about them.

I don't know how I'm going to get demos done in time.  I got about 7 of them.

The one I finished is "Songs On The Radio" (website insert: NEW/CHANGED title: I'M GOING TO LISTEN 'TILL I KNOW YOU CARE)  intended for a young lady, Macy Martin who currently has a history of recording teen, young adult, boy/girl heart break.  I had never heard of her. 

I wrote an age appropriate song she might like very much, about similar issues but with a way out.  "Songs On The Radio"  She got me thinking about when I wrote songs at her age and in high school.  It is boy/girl heartache but without the heartache, heartache, heartache with some (my) adult perspective, and a resolution to the pain with two romance outcome scenarios, one where she, the girl wins and the boy loses, and one a happy ending.  The twist of the song is, instead of arguing with her boyfriend or asking him about where the relationship is going or dealing with it by herself, -- as she is unsure weather to blame him or embrace him, because she doesn't know what he is doing --  she decides to quit asking him what his happening with their relationship.  She says she found some good advice to listen and learn from the songs on the radio.  And then as she does this, she also focuses on herself as well as her boyfriend, inevitably writes songs too lets the relationship take its course.  At the end if he is the (asshole) she fears he might be with her lack of experience, then she'll be gone, famous and he'll "hear her songs on the radio".  And if she learns he is true, then she'll "forever play their songs on the radio".  So that is my song, ""Songs On The Radio".

I'm writing another one for her.  After I heard a video of her sing "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve."  There was no question about submitting it.  Her capability and style is perfectly matched for "If You Want Sincerity."  I'll save the plot of the song. 

She, Macy Martin is definitely capable of a maturity at her age and along with a lovely voice.  Reminds me a bit of Leann Rimes.  She could take off like Leann Rimes. 


I'm writing possibly 2 or 3 to pitch for Jessy Keith Whitley

I'm working on some good songs.  Some new ballads.  And one old one.

One hot new is really complex, (not a ballad)  The Color Of A Painted Town.  It is based on a real crime that happened.  I'll probably have to sit down and tale a few hours of my undivided attention.  I like a good song writing challenge. It will be really good.


I was so happy to learn Charlie Pride is looking for new material again.  I started writing one with him in mind, wish list last year, but my timing was off, only knew a day ahead of time.  I have a country song that I put away in a drawer, about a man singing to his wife and goes through from highschool sweetheart to their life married, the whole time happily married, doing nothing but promising to grow old together.  And one day they realize their gray hair as they sit on the stoop porch and it basically says {they're still alive. where do they go from there.  They grew old.  Are still in love  Now what? "Honey, We Got Old."

It is exactly the same tempo as the example of what they were looking for.  No one could do it better.


got a number of others in the works.  Some I am going to keep for myself to record.  Some I would love other artists to adopt.

I don't know how I'm going to get these demos done in time.    It's a bit of work.  I got a lot of them.  I got lots of time, I guess. 


Considering what happened, please wish me peace and quiet, safety, kindness, every money, support, ease, respect, trust,  health, energy and comport.  Just  to be on the safe side. 

It feels worse when I'm at a computer.  I expect it to be great.


Joy and Creativity,

Joanne Shaw



And kind of doing some (paperwork) human rights for some disability rights and some other causes (I always do that.) to unwind and work on paperwork for myself.  Mostly I am just trying to enjoy myself and relax and recoup.  I got a lot on my mind.  I'm trying to put it away.  Other things are more important to me.