Author, Singer, Songwriter, Former Vegan Bodybuilder, 21 Yrs., Activist, Poet (Canadian)


A Very Funny Story


I wrote my first rhymed poem at age 6, bored in the car on a road trip with my parents. I also wrote a jingle around 5 or 6, which I wasn't half bad. It wasn't until about age 23 that I began songwriting.


Once again on a long car trip, this time by myself, I got into the mountains, while moving with my packed car out to the West Coast. My radio died in the mountains, and so started singing out of boredom. At that point, I didn't sing or and only wished I could sing.


I liked the song I coming up with story-lines and thought "I wish I had a little tape recorder, to record it into"  I had just sold one at a garage sale a week before. But I didn't have one, so I just kept singing. Ten minutes later, I pull into a gas station, and a man runs over to me and shouts, "Hi! We're out of gas. Do you want to buy a tape recorder?"  


In awe of this Lordly encouragement, I gave the man $20 and a tennis racket, and a few weeks later I had completed my first folk song, "Grass Is Greener Than Money," from the starting I sounded into the miniature tape recorder.   I have written many others ever since.

Sample demo songs:

 Contact:  Mail is forwarded that is sent to this mailing address: #212 - 2416 Main St., Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Biggest Songwriting Influences:  Harry Chapin, Cat Stevens, Melissa Etheridge, Tracy Chapman,  Otis Redding,  Bob Dylan.

Other Influences:

Several artists and about a thousand and a hundred buskers and also coffee house performers, the first being a man named Chuck Rose (and performance admiration for that).  And roommates.

Family influences: I had the best father in the world.  I like my mom too, but my dad was the absolute kindness, most patient, man, witty, wisest person I ever met and I could do anything I wanted.  He was truly encouraging.  My parents were a lot older than me.  Oh, I'm grateful for that as they were stable and mature.  My dad was very musical.  My mom was not.   There was always music coming from somewhere in the house. My father played a lot of brass and clarinet and had a drawer of harmonicas and a drawer of jackknives.  He was in a dixieland band before I was born. 

Formal Training:  None.  I started in New Age, new age singing workshops, and learned through books.  I wrote in school, I really prefer gentler methods for any art.  As a result, I've discovered and developed the best techniques.  They should be taught in schools.  I also spent about 15 years singing in karaoke clubs.  I still go to them.


Awards:  In 2008, at my then age 39, I won some prestigious poetry awards for her song lyrics, I was invited to read to Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize-winning authors.


Genre:  Almost any genre.  Most early experience in modern folk, but I will try any genre as long as I feel a success at it.  i need to not just play one.  I have written country, blues, jazz, even a Celtic, folk.  Anything.  I write a lot of story lines, but that's not all I write.  I used to write more.  I try to put a lot of air between my words so the audience and others can process them.