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Homeless weeks, practically sleeping in the Women's Bathroom. Aug. 2019


I do pay rent somewhere but thanks go to some who were elected to office.... they chose my house to protest in front of.  Still tents and crime since Christmas.  There is nothing keeping me there anyway.  Been trying to move for a long while.

i Promised Myself Am Going Out Of Town To Smile. I honestly can't get out of the city or province etc for months because of the stupid government. No joke. Same Clothes as yesterday August 2019

Recent image.  Aug, 2019.   Have been without much sleep but wanted to let you know I'm alive.  (Had to relocate an area of the city.  House hunt from rainy sidewalks if you know what I mean.  Wanted to let you know I'm alive.  Thanks.)






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In 2008, then at age 39, Joanne Shaw, was invited to read to Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winning authors.  The International Library of Poetry informed Joanne by letter, "Your work is include in the same discussion as the greatest poets of our time, and you should be extremely proud of this accomplishment."


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