Author, Novelist, Vegan Female Bodybuilder 21 yrs+, Singer, Songwriter

I Am Actually Fruitarian, Not Vegetarian

I'm actually fruitarian, not vegetarian.  Most people don't know what it is. Most fruitarians are a little weird. There are a few of us who are not. 

It is true my diet was 100% vegan for about 21 years and was a serious female bodybuilder.  (You can gain serious muscle on a vegan diet -- beyond the scope of this, but it is great.)  (Note: I don't do steroids. I think it is gross.)  But vegetarianism is secondary to fruitarianism.  But I truly and entirely relate to fruitarian philosophy.  Vegan is secondary ethical, spiritual reasons, as well as productivity, health,  pleasure and satisfaction.    I strongly believe in not guilt tripping people.  I have more loyalty to my own species, too, for the most.  It is nice when people do that too.) 

The BASE of my diet is fruit.  But how it is scientifically defined by seeds, etc.  So includes coconut, cashews, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, squash, even corn, peppers, as well as your apples, cherries, blueberries, watermelon, lemons, oranges and hundreds and hundreds of other foods.  

The amount of fruit fluctuates.  I'm normally 60% - 80% fruitarian.  Some days 10%.  The longest I ate 100% fruit was 30 days.  Paradise.  ("You might call it 'eternity'." ~~  from similarly quote, B.D.)  The only way I could describe it is content.  There were no consequences with eating.  There are no consequences with eating fruit.

A could live on salads for practiality. More often a lot of simple, raw food. I like to eat gourmet, and any ethnic vegetarian food, if I eat something else. I eat whatever I want, though and what I like is healthy. 

I used to read everything on healthy and ethical eating.  What is Natural is what I mean and how I tend to describe.   I haven't modified my principals of eating in 30 years.  It couldn't be simpler for me.  I am so advantaged by this more than you can ever imagine and more than anything else.

Stay tuned for interesting writing about this.