Author, Novelist, Vegan Female Bodybuilder 21 yrs+, Lawmaker, Singer, Songwriter



Born:  1967     Age: 52


Language:  English


Nationality:  Canadian


Race:  Caucasian (white)  -- All my family and relatives are white. 


Ethnic background:  Scottish (father's side), Russian (mother's side)


Orientation:  Straight / Heterosexual / Toward men only


Marital Status:  Single, never married.  Not even common law.  (Ha ha. I'm over 50.  Do you think it is about time?  It's a great story.  I don't have the time to elaborate this moment.)


Children:  None


Education:  Canadian educated.


Grade 12 high school, plus B.Sc. Computer Science program, 1985 - 89, prior to the internet.  Quit shy of one semester, half way through my last semester.  I was very good at programming.  I tend to get 100% on logic and it was fun.  But my grades were failing anyway.  I would get great grades first half of any semester but it was too much to retain for the latter.  It doesn't work for me very well.  I was hired by the Dean to teach a university Computer Science lab because I used to sit at the front and get 100% on all the exams and assignments.  I worked briefly at IBM Canada Ltd. and a few other places.  I could not take it, the office environment at all.   I have no regrets.  I hesitate to put this up because it is not what I do for a living.


Probably enough informal law education and practice to deserve or receive an honorary doctorate in Law.  Given if I received a Law degree, it would have to be honorary.  I have no intention of going to law school.  (For one thing, I don't think i would do very well and it would taint me, too.  Plus, I like to be on the receiving end of this one, much like some swear they don't want to sing but like to listen to the music.  I like my career.  I can't do everything and I like my autonomy and can do it by myself and hand it o a lawyer or politician so there is no damage and that is kind of like what law students do.  I'm very good at it though.

Law is a pretty big hobby of mine at times, but not always.  Published 100 articles on law.    Won several things.  Have close to a 100% success rate.  Met with government officials and routinely changed the laws governing Income Assistance, to improve things for welfare recipients.  Was asked to draft actual Canadian legislation and did so, thus have been a Lawmaker.  It was quite an honor to me.  Wrote 3 books on law in plain language.  Have to rewrite them as a relative lost my furniture once.  It is a HOBBY.  You know someone can read a second language but not write it.  That is me.  I interpret law very well.  This is obvious to me and based on feedback from what lawyers have told me and by observing judges comments on the same -- but do not have the know how to write it.   Can come up with good advice to take to a lawyer.  I can see what I think it should be or what it is but have never studied the rules or know how it is done.  But can write it in plain language.  Wrote part of a Law and Order script.  Law and Order was unfortunately off the air by that time, but I wrote it anyway because I always wanted to write it.  I put it in my novel; the main characters were watching t.v.  Used to watch every Dick Wolf show and any other law shows.  Law is pretty heavy and demanding.  I don't do it all the time.  I hesitate to also put this up.


Religion:  Very spiritual.










Just to clarify, sometimes people confuse me with Joanne Shaw Taylor.  Joanne Shaw Taylor is not me.   She and I share the first and second parts of our name.   We have some careers in common and we are both blond.  I realize I am hard to find in the search engines due to her site coming up when you search for me.   I used to be in the top million Alexis.  I realize I'm difficult to find these days.  There are a couple computer related reasons for this.  I'm working on it.  (I'm a fan of hers since I found her online due to this.  She is a really good blues singer and female guitarist.  Check her out one day.)  I got a song that would be perfect for her.  I'm going to pitch it to her one day.  But if you are looking for me, you won't find the right person if her last name is Taylor.