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Just to clarify, sometimes people confuse me with Joanne Shaw Taylor.  Joanne Shaw Taylor is not me.   She and I share the first and second parts of our name.   We have some careers in common and we are both blond.  I realize I am hard to find in the search engines due to her site coming up when you search for me.   I used to be in the top million Alexis.  I realize I'm difficult to find these days.  There are a couple computer related reasons for this.  I'm working on it.  (I'm a fan of hers since I found her online due to this.  She is a really good blues singer and female guitarist.  Check her out one day.)  I got a song that would be perfect for her.  I'm going to pitch it to her one day.  But if you are looking for me, you won't find the right person if her last name is Taylor.