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Help Wanted -- Curious lawyer(s)

I have long known it is much easier to teach a lawyer how to be a literary agent -- than to teach an agent the attributes ((and benefits)) of law.)  (Anyone can be an agent; there is no law around it.)  Am only allowing a lawyer to do this; or retired.   And/or law student, as long as you know basic contract law. 

Was thinking Canadian, so we are coming from the same place to solicit my writing.  Could keep several busy and suggest you try it out part time so you can try it to success.  Standard is 15%; am prepared to pay 20 - 25% during the beginning learning curve, or whatever is worth your while. It is difficult to do both.  It gives me time to write.  There is a bit more to that fact.  You can draw up the contract; would prefer that. 

ant someone with integrity.  Could keep a large several of you busy part time in different areas of interest for magazine and newspaper articles.  And I will show you how to do it if you want to adopt a new service for other authors; it's needed.  I really really need the help and don't know how to find you and I know you can do it.  

Would kind of like you to read 1 or 2 books on the subject of publishing articles, but that is really about it. You would also need a business license, I would assume. 

Don't know how to say this and don't mean to be rude to others. Please no groupies.  If I get one more entertainment lawyer in an ad or on the phone who says they know a hockey player.  Saw one ad that the lawyers liked to paint watercolors.  Real stories!  And I can't delegate a contract to, but tells me how to do it giving me advice on the law.  Or they think how artists I work with or celebrities will make decisions.  Deals lost, man!  But they're my losses. And theirs, and they don't always know why.  So please if you can treat law like it is dull, dry and meaningful, you will have some excitement later, and you deserve the job.  And if you can sue for this, please, I welcome your flyer or letter.

Thank you. 

Wanted for a long time, handful of active internet Markers.

April 6, 2019.  Before I begin I will tell you I read and studied Internet Marketing myself, so I know nearly everything about the basics.  You can always learn more.  Everyone should have some passive  incomes with half an hour a week, and it was worth while to take a risk and look at it.  So I built up a lot.  Am wanting to find a handful of successful, experienced, freelance  Internet Marketers. 

You're hard to find.  Most of you make a lot of money.  So I someone has to make it worth your while or have it include other opportunities.  I believe working with an author could give you something.  So, if you are in the biz, you will know what I am talking about.  In most of your careers by videos, at the point most sell tutorials... - instead of that -- for me, would you just sell mine.  Not the ones you see.  I'll explain if you email.  I was thinking exclusives on certain things.  Will explain. 

It should be more lucrative, off the top 4x more lucrative than average because of product.  But that is a guess.  And then your target audience will be much more concentrated and all in one place.  Who knows.  Could be very high.  But should be a surer sell.  And I will give you a generous percentage if you do all the work. 

I put my copyright symbol right on the description which saves so much trouble.  You might want to do the same thing.

Please email me anytime soon.  Have been wanting to get this started last year. 

Please email me with I AM AN INTERNET MARKETER  (you will get through.)  Thank you.

This is long term if you want it to be.  Once it springs forth, I will expand and get many many, but I do not want it out of control.  So am looking for people who are very good.  I will be able to tell.  You know who you are.

1. That this is what you do.  That you successfully market on the internet.  A bit of a track record too, have learned something and been doing it awhile.

2. That you keep current and always learn or partake.  Basic yes or no would do.

3.  I'd like to see some sales figures or video link.  Would be grateful.  That you sold some is basically all I care.   I won't be comparing one salespersons figures to another, as there are a lot of variables.  If you are making a handsome living at it, I know the range is your choice. 

4.  What your basic interest is?  How much time could you devote to my projects?  Add a few things personal to your business.  Niche, etc.

5.  What is on the top of your head you would like to do with me if you could?  If any.  Convince me.  No pressure.  But it helps.  If you have an idea that you would want to try out and which would cause me very little work, other than previous work and we sign a contract and you get license and come back with profit for each of us, that is how we do it, right.  Multiple occasions or events.  Otherwise I have some in mind.  And work built up for a year around it.  Want to get started is my biggest thing.  Have 150 year business plan.  Want to get started.

You won't have to convince me too hard of its merits, but please note them so I know you know them and also where you are coming from and that is the pleasure and fun part.  A few years ago, I decided to learn his stuff, and spent about a year learning it for about 10 minutes a day and it is financially amazing.  But I have not really had the chance to actually start the best part fully, but am well feeling the security it gives you.  I ran one free ad and made $95 bucks in 5 minutes.  The place pulled the ad; I could sue them; it was a legal ad.  I'm really good at writing ads.  Don't count this one.  And then got working on a book and other things, and did some more prep work, and was sticking to my promise to spend only so many minutes per week.  So really want to begin the sales.  One thing I know is a million times zero is zero, so if you could help me out, its exactly what you think.  Sales goals are extremely realistic and trust me, highly profitable.  A win win.

I like to see other people make money, too.  It is first to promote my writing.  Secondly to be a huge, stable side income with minimal time spent.  But it is good for all involved.

This, your involvement would give me time to do my real work.  And it has become a bit of a headache hanging over me.  I could really use some help.  I have other things to do.  And as you know, I could have a lot more success with others.  So I hope you answer.   Best to reach out by electronic mail.   You have a chance to use your title well.  Thank you so much.

If you are an Internet Marketer just beginning, please check back in about a year.

Thank you in advance for your time and enthusiasm.


Truth and Prosperity,

Joanne Shaw