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A novel by Joanne Shaw

Ex forensics star, now Geologist, Jack Wheeler pulls together his detective work and finds an encrypted stone which has haunted his curiosity since he entered the field of his choice. He finds the legendary rock etched with an unfinished sentence.

The rock shows signs of age but has associated linguistics that is only modern.  It is surprising it was even written in English.  It is like turning around The Stone Age and The Wheel Age.  It defies logic.  But the stone appears authentic.  The chippings on the rock were not made by even a remotely modern instrument and the prehistoric fossil is found in the grooves of the lettering.  It is as if whoever carved those letters on the rock, did not know at all that they were spelling.

He searches out the meaning of the inscription which is a half-written statement about love -- and instead, he stumbles upon a literal meaning of life.

He seeks out the advice of a softer stone, Ms Rosetta Stone, Private Investigator and Psychic Extraordinaire.  The feminist femme fatale is a humanitarian who uses her psychic abilities to spot pedophiles out of crowds and rescue kids from their efforts, drive people home without the prior knowledge of their addresses and heal Jack's headaches with her hands.

He learns from her further insight into his rock as well as information about a crime involving a missing child which occurred where the rock was found.  The two assist to solve the crime together then antidote other injustices.

They both meet the love of their life.  They have a sexy love affair, where he is he and she is she, which leads them to their marriage.  She solves for him certain mysteries about nature and human nature.  He solves for her everything else.


When you can't tell the difference between a clock and a book, either the time spent or the book must be good.

Excerpts from The Stone He Turned by Joanne Shaw

"A salamander was jarred between some rocks and squirming to get out. Wheeler lifted one of the rocks to free the grotesque creature. It crawled away toward something." -- The Stone He Turned.


"Then he watched as she went over to the sink and washed her hands {after clearing Jack's headache}.  'Rosetta, you took my headache and poured it down the sink!"-- The Stone He Turned.


"And then my only other example was Tom Sawyer. And Huckleberry Finn. I was entranced by them. They could run away unnoticed.  And Oliver Twist was another one I envied.”  - -- The Stone He Turned.