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Aug. 24. I am so sorry about the music.    I am so sorry, Bob!!!   And to your friends too.   Something happened. 

Could have talked for hours.  Sorry I left the website the way it was.  I don't have my things with me and having to house hunt from rainy sidewalk.  Because of some crime.  It's been hell.  I'm so sorry.

There were some thing that happened.  It is a lot to say.

I put a couple things up on the site. tried to put more but don't have my things.  Am just beat. My arm is well.  I am so tired and going through a lot.   I put a recent picture up and have not slept well in about 8 weeks. 

I stopped into a karaoke and there is a song up if you want to hear me sing.  I am so tired and so sorry.

I wanted to write and that is all I tried and it is next to impossible because of the lights. 

I'm very tired and very confused.  Trying to get some rest.  Trying to be happy.  



Sunday.  Aug. 4, 2019  Hi, Just a note at least.  I could have talked all day. I won't be able to use a computer until tomorrow.  I don't have it with me. 

I want to say a couple things.  I'll be all right.

I will just say I'm not deaf.  I have no recording equipment or place to sing consistently like I did. 

Did a lawyer I called say I was deaf? Is he really Canadian.  Does he see what is going on.  A whole bunch of buses with insurance ads just about hit me.  That was the problem. 


I am not having a good time.  It is quite something to say.  I can't finish right now.    I really wish I could.  Re; computer.  Thanks for your concern.  Wanted to say that much.   Ultimately it will be good news, but it ain't now.



Welcome to my website.  

In 2008, then at age 39, Joanne Shaw, was invited to read to Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winning authors.  The International Library of Poetry informed Joanne by letter, "Your work is include in the same discussion as the greatest poets of our time, and you should be extremely proud of this accomplishment."


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