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Tell or write your own government and non emergency police and say we need new law that is clear, tough and recognizable on cellphone use.  Please share this in it's entirety.   In the mean time, you might make this a personal rule and the police might suggest to the general public that it is wise to practice until it hopefully becomes law.


Doing some song writing.   And seeking justice (paperwork). And can't seem to get a grip on a day.   Hope your all right.    Trying to get my money back, too.  Trying to enjoy myself.  Trying to really enjoy myself.  Hope you are all right! .



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In 2008, then at age 39, Joanne Shaw, was invited to read to Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winning authors.  The International Library of Poetry informed Joanne by letter, "Your work is include in the same discussion as the greatest poets of our time, and you should be extremely proud of this accomplishment."


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